Great leaders web and amenities make amazing progress in cell localization. These great leaders are Facebook, Google, Apple and Windows. Facebook launches features to locate a laptop friends via the application Nearby Friend.

localisation portable gratuit

This application allows you to form a group of friends who can share the places where they are located. It was launched by Facebook earlier this year in the United States and the first returns are positive. Google made it possible to find my phone through its Google Latitude application. Unfortunately, Google decided in the month of August 2013 to remove this free mobile location service to the public. Today Google has chosen this focus on his mobile he released this summer. He was the only absent in the proposal of this service. It can locate a free mobile Android.

Apple always tries her how to locate a laptop as precisely as possible without barrier. He recently filed several patents on Free Cell localization with specificity, to locate my iphone inside buildings. Samsung eyeing already on Apple patents. The result of this technology is the possibility of locating a portable thanks to its number anywhere in the building. It will be possible to determine latitude and longitude and height. We can know or locate cell phone on the floor and the apartment near. Microsoft offers a free service to locate mobile phones on their own.

localisation portable gratuit

Free mobile location technology and especially the technology becomes increasingly sharp. Previously access this technology was visible in the cinema in spy movies. Today the race for free mobile locating peak starts. The big giants of the web are in the starting block and could surprise many.

Samsung always watch over the developments of its competitors free mobile location. It will not be surprising that there is a new legal battle between Apple and Samsung. Case to follow.