How to track a phone, while we have unfortunately left on a café terrace or worse than in a very friendly communication with his girlfriend, a man pulls you iphone hands and ear full of race. You ask yourself this question several times and turn in all directions. But how to track a phone without exceptional means to james bond. From experience, you know full well that the police will not help you. Anyway, it happened so fast that you have not seen the thief. So what to do and especially how to track a phone?

There are several solution to your problem. There are several software localization. Most of the applications are being developed by the marks themselves. Any time, accuracy and accessibility of each are more or less questionable. For example, how to track a phone with the application Apple "find my iphone" iphone must respect the parameters like be on, capture the 3G and not reparameterized.

To the question how to track a phone, there is another answer that is the location of the phone using the telephone number. The technology exists and is accessible via internet sites on the web. But as all applications using an intrusive technology, it must comply with legislation. A how to track a phone, the law says that the localized person should be aware of its location and must agree to be locate on pain of punishment. These sites generally work as follows: it sends a text message to the person you want to locate. The person must confirm the location on the sms. So that s because you have received such SMS that you will be located.

Now you know how to track a phone using two methods. Both ways can be used together. Google map today remains more accurate than Apple map.